Stylish and tasteful tub chair

A stylish modern tub chair to energise your home, Made from tasteful bespoke fabrics, to craft a fashionable and modern piece of furniture. A luxe velvet cushion, detailed with quirky red buttons and soft grey leather arms. The perfect combination of comfy and smart.

Vibrant modern high back chair

A radiant classic chair to enliven your room of choice, with rich coloured quality fabrics handmade. A glowing vibrant statement high back chair to suit your interior personality. We offer many more of quirky fun fabrics to best suit your preferences when it comes to your interior design, just like this detailed and lively high…

Complementary Living room furniture

Another one of our matching interiors, bespoke and beautifully crafted. An elegant sofa with matching cushions, classic curtains and a fashionable ottoman, all complementing your living room. Handmade with only quality fabrics to make a statement in your living room.

Beautiful matching interior

We can match your interior to best suit your imaginative needs. Matching bespoke deep grey curtains, with beautiful wingback chairs, cushions and elegant dining room chairs. Handmade with only quality fabrics chosen by you, only for you. Choose from our unique and beautiful designed fabrics or choose your own and we will make it for…