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Reupholstery Services

Here at Denton Elliott, we offer a bespoke reupholstery service for both contract and domestic upholstery.

Our project portfolio increases day by day, from: Sofas, Headboards, Dining chairs, Footstools and Ottomans; To: Pubs (Fixed seating and Stools), Clubs, Restaurant, Gyms  and Salons

Why choose to reupholster?

See below on why to reupholster your beloved piece…

Reuse. … Reupholstery is a lovely way to maintain and preserve history and original features, while reducing our impact on the environment. By reupholstering, we are able to recycle all used and unwanted foam and significantly reduces landfill waste. Many fabric companies we supply offer fabrics made from recycled materials.

Customise…The beautiful thing about reupholstery is that you get to choose the finer details to make your project both bespoke and unique.  From choosing fabrics, selecting traditional or modern trims and details, there are many ways to personalise your upholstery adventure!

Reupholstering an antique loved piece is a great way to honor memories and create an heirloom for future generations to enjoy. Older pieces are a great way to add captivating variety and personality to your collection.

Almost anything can be repaired, updated and modified when it comes to your furniture, without taking away it’s unique charm.

It is renowned that older pieces hold far more quality than flat packed, mass produced furniture these days.  High quality furniture is worth the investment of reupholstery as it will likely cost less than replacing the piece with new of equivalent quality. Often times a piece will be improved and restored by reupholstery because of the standards and practice Denton Elliott uses to ensures high end furniture.

Don’t compromise on comfort…A great reason to reupholster is when a piece of furniture suits you well or fits in your space well. When a piece is showing it’s wear, it can be repaired by adding, replacing or upgrading your padding for lasting comfort, support and longevity.

What to do next?

Simply measure your furniture piece, get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a free quote- no obligations. Whenever you are ready, book an appointment with us to browse through our collection of fabrics, and to discuss any extra details or customisation you wish to have. Finally your beloved piece will be reupholstered, all handmade and manufactured in the UK.


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