Reupholstering sofas 


When your much-loved sofa have seen better days, reupholstery may just be the solution. By choosing from a wide range of fabrics, you can transform your sofa without compromising on the comfort, sentimentality or style of the original design. Customise your sofa by adding details or modifying the frame, to make your sofa 100% bespoke. Our upholsterers transform your sofa with care and quality.


Why reupholstery your sofa?

  • Comfort and sentimental attachment isn’t affected
  • Reupholstery offers better quality
  • You get to choose from a wide selection of fabrics to match your interior
  • Customise by adding details such as studs, deep buttoning, stitch detail,  recolouring of the feet, luxury feather filled cushions etc.
  • Modify the frame by changing the shape or size of the arms
  • Reupholstering helps the environment by reducing waste


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Steps to reupholstering your sofa

  • Our upholsterers carefully strip your sofa back down to its original frame.
  • Inspect the original frame and repair if necessary
  • Replace the webbing and springs, if needed, to add that touch more comfort
  • Replace the stuffing or foam if needed, to make it feel brand new!
  • Finally, reupholstery your sofa in the fabric you desire and add the last details to customise, e.g. Pipping, studs, deep buttoning, etc.


What to do next 

Simply measure your sofa and get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a free quote- no obligations. Whenever you are ready, book an appointment with us to browse through our collection of fabrics, and to discuss any extra details or customisation you wish to have. And then finally we will reupholster your beloved sofa however you wish, all handmade and manufactured in the UK.


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