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Reupholstering dining chairs

When your dining chair is good quality but has seen better days, reupholstery is an ideal solution. Furniture reupholstery is the perfect way to transform and revive a much-loved dining chair without compromising on the comfort and style of the original design. Our upholsterers transform your furniture with care and quality.


Why reupholster your dining chair?

  • You get to keep all of the original features on your dining pexels-photo-5095278chair such as the frame, studded work, button backs etc.
  • You get to decide how you want to design and customise your dining chair, e.g. choose whether or not you want deep buttoning, stud, stitch work, new foam etc.
  • Choose from a wide range or designer fabrics such as Ashley Wilde, Clarke & Clarke, Moon etc.
  • Customise to best suit your interior



The steps to reupholstery

  • Our upholsterers carefully strip down all existing upholstery, down to its original frame
  • Repair or make adjustments to the frame if needed
  • Replace the webbing and springs if necessary to add a touch of comfort
  • Replace the stuffing or foam if needed, to make it feel brand new!
  • Finally, reupholster your dining chairs in the fabric you desire and add the last details to customise, e.g. studs, deep buttoning, stitch detail etc.




Dining chair gallery

Dining chair gallery for that little bit of inspiration…


What to do next?

Simply measure your dining chairs and get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a free quote- no obligations. Whenever you are ready, book an appointment with us to browse through our collection of fabrics, and to discuss any extra details or customisation you wish to have. And then finally we will reupholster your much-loved dining chair  however you wish, all handmade and manufactured in the UK.
















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